Bonus material: BoA - No dance, no life

BoA - No dance, no life | B-side
BoA's "Poo weekend" was an awful song and a complete regression from the tiny steps forward she made with songs on Identity. But it's B-side on the other hand is pretty hot! The song would have sat nicely alongside "Lazer" on her Identity album. Ironically it's titled "No dance no life" - which I imagine is the slogan Avex hang over BoA's head.

Listen: No dance no life

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I wondered for a minute why the hell this song sounded familiar. Then it clicked. "No dance, no life" samples Janet Jackson's "Control", and does a pretty great job of it too!

BoA still sings with the energy of a turnip. But at least the darker more laid back vibe of "No dance no life" allows her to just about get away with it. Hot song!


  1. This song is amazing! she shoulda released "Lazer" as the lead single and this as ther second :P


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