Music video: Jyongri - Without you

I thought this chick was dead! She just dropped of the face of the earth all of a sudden. I guess this is what happens when you're reared on a J-Pop diet which sees the ho's of Avex dropping singles, taking over TV and occupying spots on the Oricon chart every week of the year. You just wind up thinking every other chick in the game is dead.

I loved Jyongri's debut single "Possession". Every about her back signalled that EMI had a nice alternative to Hikaru Utada on their hands. A girl who is bilingual, can play the piano, writes her own songs and doesn't whore herself out in music videos to sell a record. But everything since her debut has had Jyongri sliding down an ice covered slope. She keeps being given these dreary ass songs which do not help distinguish her well enough. And the music videos do not help the cause neither. To put it bluntly, Jyongri is a tad bit depressing.

Now, I'm not saying Jyongri should pussy pop and show what she can do with a mini bottle of Pepsi NEX in her next music video, and that every song of hers needs to be uptempo. But give the girl some material that actually makes me care! Jyongri's manager and A&R person need to pull their fingers out.

"Without you" is just whackness. Jyongri's better than this shit.