Iconiq sells that damn lip stick and gets that money

My little J-Elf is getting that money. I'm so proud! If only Epic records made Crystal get that same money instead of hooking her up with free Tully's coffee and nothing else...

That had better have been a wig on a bitches head. If not, then somebody needs to take some clippers to Iconiq's scalp and number 1 that shit tonight. I need my Iconiq to be buzz cut all day, errrrday. I love how she looks with it. It's striking. It's hot. And it suits her perfectly. Ain't a damn thing wrong a chick and a buzz cut. I loved how Natalie Portman looked when she went super low. And even Britney didn't look that bad. When I see pictures of Ayumi pre-Iconiq with hair, I just feel like there's nothing to her. Her buzz cut definitely sets her apart in a big way and makes a bold statement. Plus, like I said before. She probably had no choice. Ain't no way in hell that Avex is allowing another girl named Ayumi to keep her name and her hair. That name and that hair had to go!

Iconiq's hot to death debut album didn't cause many waves, but at least she's got endorsements deals going on and she's getting that money. I hope she's prepared for what'll happen if she meets big success. Because Avex will crack a whip on that soul Castlevania style until she's just an empty shell of depression. Just ask BoA.


  1. I really hope Iconiq doesn't achieve BoA type fame and burn out. If she reaches Shimatani Hitomi type fame, Avex won't crack the whip on her too much. I mean, Shimatani hasn't released an original studio album in 2 years, and she's fairly successful, but Avex doesn't crack the whip.


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