Alicia goes down with the baby

Alicia Keys performed at the Essence music festival and she fell down live on stage during a performance of "Love is blind". I guess love ain't the only thing that's blind...

At least she fell on cue with the cymbals and kept singing. I'm sure Mashonda re-tweeted this shit and hit up her home girls to have #thathomewreckingbitchfell trend with the quickness. Alicia is lucky she fell on her back and it was more of a stumble. Because if she slipped, went straight down and got caught from the front, she could have been in some serious trouble.


  1. Normally you are very funny and I appreciate your sharp wit, but that was rather distasteful. I really think you should edit this post and remove the 'abortion' reference. As a pregnant woman, I found it highly offensive. I still love your blog J, that was just too much. xx

  2. I have to agree. I know someone who lost a child during her pregnancy, and quite honestly the ending of this post was a little too much.

  3. I genuinely wasn't trying to be funny. Just being real. If she had fallen on her front, then...


    ...I was just saying.

    I apologize if I offended you both. And thank you for the comments. I appreciate them. I tweaked the post so it reads less morbid and got across what clearly got lost in the original.

    Hopefully Alicia will siddown. Because for her to be performing in 4 inch heels and standing on a damn piano on stage is just a little bit careless.

  4. damn at least she knows how to fall with style *buzz lightyear voice*.
    Yeah i know you didn't mean what you wrote in a bad way so it was cool of you to change that.
    Alicia really should take more care though, if she wants to wear those heels she needs to sit at the piano not jump on top and run around it smh...


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