Brandy has a keeper...

Brandy's wig at the VH1 Hip hop honours is a winner! | image 'shopped by J ;P
Us Brandy fans know that her choices of hair styles had become questionable the day she traded in the Moesha braids for the weaves. To say Brandy's hair game is patchier than Britney's scalp would be an understatement. But I saw this picture of her at the VH1 Hip hop honours and I was taken aback. Brandy always been pretty to me, but her weaves have often killed looks. But THIS right here. We might have a winner. Or at least a lace-front runner. (See what I did there?!) A wig on Brandy that works!

The outfit she was wearing with this wig wasn't so hot, so I'm not going to post a picture of the whole thing. I just want us to focus on the good: the wig. We can't see Brandy's gangsta hairline and this shit frames her face nicely. She needs to put this wig in the ones that work pile.

Whenever Brandy finds a wig that works, she seems to throw it out like Wal-Mart overstock of Human. I've never gotten that. She needs to do a Beyoncé. F**k being adventurous. Find a wig that works for your head and just wear that shit until the hair starts falling out. Then go buy a new one.


  1. LOL, I thought you were talking about a person when I saw the title!

    It doesn't look that great to me, but it could be her facial expression that's throwing me off.


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