Kim Kardashian done made a BIG mistake

Kim Kardashian & Justin Bieber. Bye Kim | Snapped Kim Kardashian & Justin Bieber. Bye Kim | Snapped

Young girls under the influence of the US epidemic that is Bieber-fever do not care to see any female with their Justin unless it's his own mother. And even then they want a bitch cut right out of the picture. So you can imagine how they felt seeing that skank who Ray J f**ked frolicking at the beach with him. Bye Kim.


  1. There's something quite disturbing about that 2nd picture ^_^.

  2. LOL i really don't understand the whole Bieber fever thing lmao
    Zac efrom i get, Robert Pattinson was hot before he started looking like a homeless drug addict bieber looks like a pre pubesent lesbian (no offence lesbians) oluss he has a disgusting Ego second only to Kanye and at least kanye has the tallent to back it up :/

    Kim is just a HOE simple as.

  3. "bieber looks like a pre pubesent lesbian"

    He really is quite awful looking isn't he? And with a wet shirt, yuck.


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