Now presenting Dara and tragic heroines

Now presenting...Sandara and the tragic heroines | Snapped

me2day queen Dara posted a picture of herself and Bom acting silly for the camera, portraying tragic heriones. Dara can't dance or sing for shit, but she has a great sense of humour and always looks f**king amazing in pictures. She near killed me with this one. I'm on HP 10. Bitch needs to throw me a potion.

You will not catch Dara's hair or face game slipping. EVER! I won't say a thing about Bom. Okay, I will. Them roots need doing. And her face scares me. Why does she always look like she's struggling to pull a facial expression? She's like a Topshop mannequin.

2NE1's Dara and Bom pretend to be tragic heroines @ allkpop


  1. LMAO! I like Dara as a person but when you see her in a vid you just think... Besides being cute what is she bringing to the table... at all?!

    Bom... Yeah she's sweet and a great singer but i agree her face looks like she's had work done and it's just frozen and weird... lol but i like her.

    You gotta cover CL's solo stage at the 2NE1 concert! she slayed when she covered JoJo's version of "Marvin's room" and Nicki's "Did it on em" she is like SWAG QUEEN! lol

  2. Have you heard Dara's Japanese? It sounds so... lazy.


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