Kumi keeps it dry outside of the fishbowl

Kumi performs 'Outside fishbowl' on Domoto brothers | Live performance
Avex slave number 131182 finally gave a performance of a Gossip candy song other than "Lollipop", and went for a "Outside fishbowl". I would have preferred a performance of "Inside fishbowl" myself. But it's understandable why Kumi avoided on this occassion and may end up avoiding it if she can in the future. Because it'll save her straining her voice to sound like a newly born Pokemon for 3 straight minutes.

Kumi's Engrish is more gangsta on this song than it ever was before. Perhaps even more so. If you thought "Lollipop"'s "I dodged a bullet, bullet" was bad, wait until Kumi takes it to "out of fishbowl growing old".

You'll need to turn the volume up on this performance, because it's really low.

No pink rinse, no weaves or hair extensions and a plain ol' dress. I told you Avex Trax was taking it's toll on a chick. When was the last time you saw Kumi Koda so dressed down!? Exactly.