Music video: Tomohisa Yamashita - One in a million

Yamapee-pee (because them vocals is piss po') can't sing for shit. And I'm not trying to hear anybody tell me that he can. He just sounds terrible. Everything about his voice is just f**king awful. And no matter which type of song or beat he gets given, it does no better job of masking the mess. And this guy has been f**ked in the backside by Johnny with every single genre you can think of. Dude has done everything except Enka and Country (I'm sure them sounds will be butchered by Christmas). Now he's on this Euro dance club shit; and lo and behlod - he still sounds like crap. Auto-tune can only do so much for a brotha, and it didn't do enough for Yamapee-pee.

The music video was just crap covered in grated cheese. How the hell you going to set a video in a club and not show one bit of dancing?!

I smell Johnny trying to have Yamapi hop on the songs he couldn't get Jin Akanishi to do. Because this and "Love song" (both song and video) would have suited Jin down to the ground.


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