Ke$ha scrubs up on the set of "Take it off"

Ke$ha strutting on the set of 'Take it off' | Snapped
I'm just gonna say it. Ke$ha looks bangin'! Her hair was probably straightened with cum drizzle, and her breath probably smells like Smirnoff, Whiskey and bum cracks. But she does look seriously hot.

Ke$ha's next single is set to be "Take it off", from the album that everybody probably thought would have had a fork it in by now, Animal. The song is about the same thing all Ke$ha's songs are about: getting drunk at a party and urging the bringing on of nakedness, all sung in auto-tune. The song was written by hotly in demand songwriter Claude Kelly, who got moralistic via tweet about why every club song has to be about booty and clubs. He's clearly helping the cause with both this and Aguilera's "Not myself tonight".

The video for "Take it off" was directed by Paul Hunter a week ago and should premiere any time soon.


  1. Damn, she does actually look hot.

    Now if the bitch could get some talent...

  2. well now we actually know it was straightened with cum drizzle lmao! X_X

    To me she doesn't even look hot... why is it that even when she has a bath she still looks dirty?! (not dirrty (which she wants) just dirty lol).


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