Random J's single art: Madonna - Give it 2 me

Madgina looks like she's been dragged through every decade of her career in this picture. Her face could not look harder if somebody hung a cinder block in front of it.

Madgina's re-touching in photos is beyond Photoshop now. She's on that Industrial, Light and Magic ish now. Professional shoots of Madgina are not longer pictures, they're special effect shots. But let's be real... Which Madgina would we rather see in pictures: the hard faced chick who Father Time took his pimp hand to, or the special effect shot Madgina who looks like she worm-holed her shit to the 90's?

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  1. There's not enough make up in the world to cover up that face.

  2. Kick a girl when she's down, why don't ya. Ouch!

    The reality is for someone her age she looks ok but because she's in the entertainment business every flaw and line is highlighted. And how many of us would look great if someone got up in our face and took a photo? I'm just saying ^_^

  3. Asides from the eerie face she's making, she doesn't look bad to me in that pic. In my opinion, if she would just gain some weight, all of her erm, "appearance issues" would be resolved.

  4. Oh my...time is not kind to her.

  5. Because old. But now Professional + Sexy.


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