Music video: Miss A - Bad girl, good girl

Miss A have swagger from the word go. And JYP having them open their legs, squat down, poke their booty (more like continuous backs) and floss in the leotards for their very first video was a good move. It means he can bypass stupid concepts and that awkward transition stage into sexy women than many female K-groups struggle with. But there wasn't a great deal unique about these girls other than one of them has pink hair and looks like she's recovering from a terminal disease.

YouTube any After school video and you'll see holding up of legs, splits, heels, hair flicks and some ho tendencies by at least one girl in the group.

Miss A roped me in though, because they did the things I always like from a music video. They opened their legs and worked some waist. I'm easy like that. They didn't p**y pop, but I'm sure they will in their next video.

One of the girls was reminding me of SNSD-bot Taeyeon in a BIG way.


  1. "why you actin like you wouldn't hit this, I know you're gonna go home and miss this"

    quite the lyrics eh? i'm likin these girls (except the pink haired one...she's cute, but that pink hair makes her look a bit albino in her coloring)

    i'm looking forward for more from them! ugh! why do k pop groups dress loads better than anything else i've seen. their stylist are on point cause those outfits were mad hot yo!


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