Cheryl Cole is left fighting for more than love

Cheryl fights for more than love | 'shopped by J ;P
When it rains, it monsoons on a bitch. Cheryl Cole has been struck with Malaria. I want to say she probably caught it from her own music, but I won't. I know I felt queasy when I made the mistake of listening to that 3 words album though. It was probably her last kiss from Ashley that infected her. Lord knows where that n***a's mouth has been over the past 2 years.

Looks like love won't be the only thing she'll be fighting for, as doctors say she could be ill for a longly.

I feel like I'm dying just when I catch a fever (I rarely fall ill, so when I do, I get hit with everything). So lawd knows how it is coping with that Malaria ish. I can't stand Cheryl Cole, but I don't want her dead. I just want her to stop making music, and do what she does best: look pretty and not speak.

As long as she keeps on that private healthcare and bans visits from Ashley, she'll be fine.

Cheryl Cole could be ill for six months @ Pop dash


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