BoA joins Crystal Kay for "Girlfriend" on her CK10 tour

BoA joints Crystal Kay for 'Girlfriend' on her CK10 gig at the NHK hall | Live performance
BoA joined Crystal Kay on her CK10 tour at the NHK hall for their collabo "Girlfriend". This is only the second time I've seen the two of them perform the song together, and it made me wish the two had performed it more - because they have great on-stage chemistry which really has you buy into them being real life friends.

Given that Avex and SM entertainment were pretty much pulling BoA limb from limb with her Best & USA release and her English language debut in the States, I guess she was never going to be able to promote the song with Crystal, which is a shame. As "Girlfriend" shitted on BoA's "Eien", "Universe" and 99.9% of her English language debut.

This performance was nice. BoA's vocals sounded as good as they do on the CD and she actually looked like she gave a shit, which makes a change.

"Girlfriend" got shafted to hell. The song was / still is hot. And it featuring BoA would have meant that Crystal could have seen the top of a chart for longer than 12 hours until Ayumi Hamasaki or Arashi drop a single and knock a bitch 20 places down. Somebody at Epic Japan should be fired.


  1. FUTURESTARdelux8 July 2010 at 14:41

    aww so cute! n_n they both killed it too! ^_^
    But seriously i wanted to rip those pieces of crap of CK's dress lol and did she mugg a member of Perfume for those shoes?
    Girlfriend was MAJORLY shafted over i love that song, actually most of the songs on the disc of new material for CK's greatest hits album would have been better singles that After Love and it's dusty video...

    They better keep making these slick vids on her next album and gettibng her some hot clothes like in Flash lol


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