M.I.A and the M.I.A's perform to noise on Letterman

M.I.A and the M.I.A's perform 'Born free' on Letterman | Live performance
Why M.I.A chose to hit up Letterman and perform the Ginger genocide song instead of "XXXO" I have not the foggiest. How the hell is her album going to be out and yet she doesn't perform its lead single live or premiere the video!? And the worst thing is, that "XXXO" could have been a really big hit. The song is fire! I'm sure M.I.A has some long winded reason as to why she chose to perform "Born free" instead. Although I can't say I'm all that interested in what it'd be.

Turn the volume down on your speakers before you proceeded to witness the noise that is "Born free" performed live.

The multiple M.I.A concept was cool. Although it would have been better if they did a dance or some shit. Even if it was just a case of them holding hands and doing the hokey cokey in a circle.

I can't stand "Born free". The song is just noise - like most of the /\/\/\Y/\ album really. I listened to it the other day and I just was not feeling it. I might review it at some point. But in case I never get around to it, I'll just say this: "XXXO" rocks. "Teqkilla" knocks. Kala was better.


  1. My GOD!! I mean SERIOUSLY!!!!:O

  2. MAYA is a WHOLE lot of noise, but Teqkilla which is loudest and most annoying song on the album is the best one. Meds and Feds isn't bad either.


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