Sneaky snippet: Keisha Buchanan - Fearless

Keisha Buchanan - Fearless | Sneaky snippets
Well this is a surprise. A snippet of a song from the Sugababe who got given her P45 earlier in the year! This song sounds better than the whole of Sweet 7, and the general feedback on this song is positive on the whole. So the 4.0's best be on their worry game.

Listen: Fearless

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The song works that tired Ryan Teddar like sound, but it sounds like a good song. It's very Sugababes, which I like. This could easily be a track from Taller in more ways or Three.

I don't know if Keisha has what it takes to go the distance as a solo artist. But the demands to be a solo act in the UK are less than those in the US (she won't have to give everything but the tampon hanging in-between her legs) so she might be able to pull this off. And if she manages to drop an album of solid material which works that 'Sugababes sound' which seemed to have been abandoned the day Mutya left to be a full time ghetto trashed mess, then she might be able to steal back those old fans and have the Sugababes live on through her, which would put the 4.0's in some serious danger. Because let's be real: them girls are not the Sugababes, and I don't give a damn how long Heidi's been in the group.

I wasn't wholly looking forward to Keisha's debut, but I am now. The writing should have been on the wall to us from Three. Keisha gave us a taste of how she rolls solo on "Whatever makes you happy" and that was a kick ass song, so...


  1. i hope she make a duet with mutya. they trully made the sugababes the sugababes.

  2. You know what i really dislike Keisha because of the way she treated Siobhan, Heidi & Amelle but i have to give credit whare it's due and this sounds like a gteat song.
    You're right it sounds like oldschool Sugababes which pisses me off because if she was capeable of recapturing that sound why the f*** did she change direction with Change, Catfights... & Sweet 7?
    Essentially she killed that band, hopefully the new Sugababe album will be amazing, I hear they're working with the producers of "3" & "taller in more ways" and i still believe they can do it but if not it's over for them sadly.

  3. If you seriously believe Keisha is the one who single handedly changed the sound direction for the Sugababes' last 2 albums, then you're hatred for Keisha is turning you crazy. Keisha barely wrote any of the songs on those albums - none of the 'babes did. Change was the last album where the girls wrote at least half the album, and was the last release that had at least a couple of definitive Sugababes sounding songs.

    Clearly whoever is A&R'ing the Sugababes albums now is to blame for their shift in sound. They're trying to make the Sugababes albums pander to a trend which is popular at the time, which is stupid; because the Sugababes' sound in the past always transcended trends and went on the merits of just being great songs that nobody else was doing. Catfights & spotlights tried to go the whole Duffy, Amy Winehouse Back to black 60's route because it was popular at the time and it back fired. Sweet 7 tried to go synth pop and auto tune'd because it's popular and it back fired.

    You can't blame Keisha for this. It's clear that the people handling the Sugababes' behind the scenes are a mess and that somebody somewhere along the way lost sight of what made the Sugababes' music so popular and credible in the first place. The problems with the Sugababes in general is bigger than just Keisha. The team handling the 'babes clearly do not have a clue what they're doing with them.


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