Sneaky snippet: Christina Aguilera - Bionic

Sneaky snippets: Sneaky snippets: Christina Aguilera - Bionic
Christina Aguilera did a VH1 storytellers gig where she performed the album title track "Bionic", and a fan whipped out their phone and recorded it. The quality of the recording is pretty bad, but...

Listen: Bionic

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The recording sounds a mess. But even amongst the mess I could make out hotness. Clutching at straws? Perhaps. But I liked what I was just about able to hear. The beats were sounding pretty bad ass. Very Timbaland-esque. It's cool to hear Aguilera on such a banger. I know there have been some Aguilera followers who were hoping she'd deliver a joint like this since her debut. We didn't get such a joint on Stripped, or Back to basics or on Keeps gettin' better; but we'll be getting at least one on Bionic.


  1. OMG!!! when i first listened to this i had to stop it halfway because it is SO FIERCE (haha gay word :P) but seriously you have no idea how much im looking forward to/fiening over/need BIONIC haha omg *hyperventilates*

    p.s i knew that was some kind of sex ring HAHA she dirrty ^_^


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