Sneaky snippet: Mariah Carey - Memoirs of an imperfect angel

Sneaky snippet: Mariah Carey - Memoirs of an imperfect angel
Shockingly, Mariah has worked exclusively with The Dream; and split production between Tricky Stewart and Los da Maestro for her album Memoirs of an imperfect angel album. No Timbaland. No Jermaine Dupri. No Bryan Michael Cox. I wasn't feeling this decision of Mariah's when I first heard about it. But I have to admit: the album isn't sounding like it'll suck completely.

This album isn't sounding like it's going to be amazing. It lacks that really big sound that albums of Mariah's such as Butterfly, The emancipation of Mimi and even Glitter had. But the songs are nice. I'm liking the slow jams. "Candy bling" and "Inseparable" get thumbs up's. And "The impossible" is sounding like an absolute storm of a slow jam.

Not bad Mariah...not bad. I was expecting some songs with more impact. But I can go for an album of just nice songs if they're tight all the way through and have Mariah kept in check vocally. I can't be dealing with hearing Mariah croak badly belted notes on the final chorus runs of every song.


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  1. I'm not getting the "storm of a slow jam" comment from that snippet of The Impossible. It sounds like a typical Mariah slow jam where she nasals her way through 3/4 of the song and then hits the big notes at the end.

    Maybe I'm being extra cynical, but I'm not expecting much from this album.

  2. Hate U sounds like a winner. It's a shame she sounds like Microsoft Sam on that track though smh.

  3. i don't think the high voice at the end of the songs are hers anymore. noticed the black fat backup singer in her every performances. i think they belong to her and mariah's just lip-syncing through them.

  4. meh . . . i expected better :P
    emancipation of mimi *****
    E=MC2 ****
    memoirs of an imperfect angel ***


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