Sneaky snippet: Shakira - Did it again

Sneaky snippet: Shakira - Did it again
Shakira has been holed up in the studio with Pharrell Williams for her She Wolf album. And to whet appetities, we have a preview of one of them...

Listen to a sneak snippet of... Did it again

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I cannot wait until her album releases so that I can have this song in full. The beat is HOT, and Shakira rides it nicely. I could chuck in a sexual innuendo there, but I won't. Too easy.

Pharrell had fallen off a little with his productions since he and Chad started producing independently on different projects. But he won me over with his work on Madonna's Hard candy, and I think he'll do it again with Shakira. The 2 of them are such an unlikely yet likely pairing. I'm hoping Epic releases "Did it again" as a single, because I'm already excited at the prospect of the music video. You lot saw what she did with "She wolf". Sky's the limit with the sexiness and choreography for a song like "Did it again". She wolf is so gonna blow up when it releases.


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