Sneaky snippet: Kelly Rowland - The sound (On & on)

Sneaky snippet: Kelly Rowland - The sound (On & on)
I hate "When love takes over". When I hear it in the club, I make it clear I can't stand the song, and will sit my arse down. But I always get dragged up by some random person or have somebody scream ♪ Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! ♪ in my face, which makes me end up singing along as not to be rude to those trying their damn-est to get me involved. But I still hate the damn song. "Commander" won me over in a big way. And "The sound (On & on)" (rumoured to be another Guetta production) doesn't sound too bad based on the snippet. But I just hope the whole album is not full of David Guetta productions, otherwise the album could end up sounding stale and samey, just like his One love album: which featured 3 songs with Kelly Rowland, and none of them good.

Listen: The sound (On & on)

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"The sound (On & on)" sounds promising. It reminds me a little of Brandy, which also has me wondering if Brian Kennedy may have produced it and not David Guetta. The hook best be on some crack. You cannot build up a verse this nicely and then not have the song pop like mad during the chorus.

Kelly's third studio album is tentatively slated for September 14 - which seems ages away considering "Commander" is already making head way as the lead single. I guess her label plans to release a couple of singles and gauge reactions, whilst giving Kelly extra time to record more songs. I just hope the current hype surrounding Kelly doesn't wane by the time her album drops. And that bad luck doesn't have Beyoncé go and record an album in 2 months, then release a treble A-side single with 3 music videos and an album release date of August 24.

Things are looking better for Kelly now than they ever did before. And I have my fingers crossed she see's much success with this new album.


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