Sneak snippets: Kylie Minogue - Aphrodite

Kylie Minogue - Aphrodite | Sneaky snippets
What is it nowadays with weak singles being released off of albums where there are much more obvious and better contenders!? I wasn't keen on "All the lovers" at all. In fact, I think the song is garbage now. But a couple of the joints in this megamix of Kylie's Aphrodite are sounding pretty killer.

Listen: Aphrodite

1. Get outta my way
2. Cupid boy
3. Can't beat the feeling
4. Too much
5. Put your hands up (If you feel love)
6. Aphrodite

© 2010 Parlephone records, EMI music group

"Get outta my way" is just a big rock of crack. It's like "Love at first sight 2010"! I really am going to insist that Parlephone drop it as a single.

This album is sounding really euphoric and club ready, which will go down well with Kylie's predominately gay fan base. The songs give me "Love at first sight" and "Come into my world" vibes, which is fine as I thought Fever was a pretty decent affair. "Get outta my way" alone just Chris Brown'd X in it's face as far as I'm concerned.

Aphrodite is released first in Japan on June 30 and will be available worldwide from June 6.


  1. OMG! i LOOOOOOOVE this! *passes out from excitement* :P

    "All the lovers" is actually a good summer song but these all make me wanna DANCE! lol
    seriously "Get outta my way" is gonna be getting heavy rotation and so is "Cupid" actually im gonna melt that cd with all the playing when it comes out lol
    I really liked X as an album but Aphrodite is gonna blow it out of the way and put Kylie right back on top, i hope this album does well in the US too! ^_^

  2. "All the lovers" is dusty. And a couple of the Aphrodite joints make it sound even worse! *lol* "Get outta my way" is a beast. I cannot wait to hear it in full.

  3. I'm falling in love with Kylie! I never really listened to her much, always thought her music crossed the line into "too camp" territory, but this is some seriously amazing shit!

  4. I actually like "All the lovers" but I really had to listen to it more then 3 times to really enjoy it. But I have to agree..."Get outta my way" "Cupid Boy" and "Aphrodite" are amazing. My fav so far "Get outta my way", she sooooo needs to release it as the next single. My summer jam 2010 right here. Love her.

    "X" was alright...but there were a lot of filler songs, and "2 hearts" was so out of place on that album.

  5. "Get outta my way" is the one. It has HIT written all over it. I've played the clip to death already! *lol*

  6. It's going around the block that Britney's people were FIGHTING to get her 'Get Outta My Way', but Kylie won out in the end (obviously).

    If that's the direction Britters is gonna go down, I'm quite excited.

  7. @ Jordan
    Yeah, I heard about that. I'm glad Kylie got the song instead though. It just fits her better. I don't think Britney has that old swag back yet to flow on a track and bring the light energy to the song Kylie does. It would have been cool if Britney recorded it though, so we could hear what it sounds like in comparison.

    Whatever direction Britney goes with her new album, you know it's going to be hot. Her A&R people did NOT trip up on her last 2 albums. And Britney's not insisting she writes and ruins songs how she did on Britney and In the zone *rolls eyes*


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