New music: Katy Perry featuring Snoop Dogg - California gurls

New music: Katy Perry featuring Snoop Dogg - California gurls
Katy Perry actually does songs. Although you wouldn't know it. Her fashion sense, being The Forehead's best friend and f**king Russell Brand seem to have overshadowed all that. But her partner in crime Dr. Luke is out to remind people Katy does music with her new single "California gurls". I won't lie to you. This sounds like it's going to be a monster smash for the Summer.

Listen: California gurls

Katy Perry's second studio album
© 2010 Capitol music group

I love the beat. Even if it does sound like a 70's remix of "Tik tok". "California gurls" and "Tik tok" were clearly cut from the same musical template. The lyrics and beats are interchangeable. But the production is still tight. Expect chicks to go buck wild to this in the clubs, and for Katy to catch another hit. Bye Ke$ha.


  1. its was "ok" i can imagine getting down to it a couple of times in a club but it isnt as infectious as "i kissed a girl" or "hot and cold".
    Katie just annoys me really, she trys so hard to be sexy, she is S*I* live and used to piss me off trying to make out she was better than lily allen =S
    p.s I LOVE SNOOOOOOOOOOOP!!!!! ^_^

  2. It definitely has that radio smash sound to it. It's very feel good, and that's infectious. But damn if I didn't think it was "Tik Tok" at the very beginning, lol.

    Katy is hotter than Kesha though, and she can actually (kinda) sing...a little bit. Kinda maybe. Better than Kesha at least. I know that's not saying much though, lol.

    Oh and the Snoop verse was ON POINT!

  3. Damn, I JUST heard this on the radio already! XD

  4. At first, I wasn't really digging the Ke$ha vibe I was getting. I mean, I really like Ke$ha, but I don't like people who AREN'T Ke$ha doing songs that sound like Ke$ha. But I've been listening to it, and it's definitely a grower. It not the old rock Perry that we know, though. It's definitely not better than any of her past songs, but it's good and I wouldn't mind an album with stuff like this (I'd just prefer a more rock oriented Katy).


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