Sneaky snippet: BoA featuring Sean Garrett - I did it for love

With BoA's english language debut set to drop in March, we've been thrown the morsels of a brand new song. The album's opening track and the only song on the album (so far) to have a featuring artist: "I did it for love".

Pretty hot! I prefer it to "Eat you up" and "Look who's talking". Sean Garrett should've let BoA carry the song on her own though. It's not like he's at a level in a career whereby a song could be a hit purely because his name's on it. Most of his songs over the past 2 years have tanked and killed careers. Only the shit he does for Beyoncé tend to be hits, and that's purely because Beyoncé is Beyoncé, and Beyonce sells. Although the formula didn't work out for "Ring the alarm" and the jury is still out on "Diva".

"I did it for love" utilizes every trick in the book for a club banger that producers have used as a template ever since Timbaland and Danja set the foundations with "SexyBack" and then ran with for "The way I are". But the beat is still hot. It'd make a decent single, although it is an anybody song. The sound is generic, pretty forgettable and BoA has no vocal originality as a result of being auto tuned. If BoA's album features too many songs where her vocals are auto tuned, then people will question whether BoA can actually sing. BoA doesn't have the best of voices, but she can hold a tune and doesn't need to rely on studio trickery. It's a shame, because I think the key BoA sings in on "I did it for love" really suits her and she'd probably sound better without the auto tuning. Although, the vocal trickery may be to disguise her annunciation of words. BoA's english is still a little engrishy, and the auto tuning does mask that some-what. It'd definitely explain why the 3 songs we've heard so far have all featured extensive manipulation of BoA's vocals.

Overall I like the song. It's not amazing, but I do like it. I'll definitely be checking for her self titled English language debut in March.


  1. Thanks for this!
    I think her accent is much more noticeable on this track compared to 'Eat You Up' and I don't know Sean Garrett but I wasn't fond of what he did with the track.

    I won't be buying the album but I'll be looking forward to your review! :D


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