VH1 rolls with J.Lo, as she rolls with Death Jam

Jennifer Lopez left Sony and signed to Death Jam a while back. A move which I'm sure had Miming Mimi taking shit out on her black Jack Russell named Nick Cannon. Mariah's made no secret of how her ex husband used Jennifer Lopez to f**k up her career whilst she was signed on the Sony imprint. I'd love to be a fly on the wall at Death Jam HQ when J.Lo and Mariah pass each other in the lobby. It'd be like a drive by of stares on an ice rink up in that bitch.

I wish Jennifer Lopez all the luck in the world, because a bitch is gonna need it. We all know how L.A Reid does chicks at Death Jam who aren't named Robyn Fenty. To this day is still burns me how Megan Rochell didn't get given so much as a chance and had such a hot debut album get shelved. And game legends and veterans like Janet and Mariah both had solid albums of theirs get shitted on by that bald headed n***a. I would say watch how J.Lo gets done the same - but she'll probably get a better deal than Janet and Mariah got with their last releases, and have a lacklustre album push serious units.


  1. haha, Death Jam!

    All I know is, J.Lo'd better still be getting two tracks from Danja... Danja did wonders for Whitney Houston, and no one's forgetting Mariah's "Migrate" any time soon.

    If this is another The-Dream and Tricky-fest, I'ma be pissed. Those ni**as don't deserve all those placements.

  2. Tricky and The Dream have become Death Jam's stable producers just like Stargate. J.Lo's album is going to be littered with their productions for sure. And more than likely a Brandy left over or two which they either of them probably had a hand in.

    If Danja's joints make the album, I just hope the beats are so correct and that Miss Lago does the damn thing with engineering J.Lo's vocals. Because the prospect of her awful vocals over a hot Danja 'n Lago production upsets my soul. The only producer who consistency manages to get decent (enough) vocals out of J.Lo and produce well around them is Rodney Jerkins - and she by no means sounds 'great' on his joints, so...


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