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Perfume are set to release a new single in July titled "Voice". The irony. Because you know we won't be hearing their natural voices anywhere on the song, and that Nakata will have each of these girls on the auto-tune from start to finish. But this is Perfume. It's all we want from these auto-tuned hoes. As long as the production is hot and the girls continue to work that sexy cute game they've worked nicely for their last two music videos - I'll be sold.

Perfume's shoe game has been tragic since day one. Whoever styles them seems to import the ugliest court shoe from Clarks for these girls and just kill their looks dead. But the CD + DVD single cover seems to be a bid to show off that Perfume have upgraded that heel game in a big way. If these girls are not wearing those fly bejewelled shoes in the video and are instead rocking shoes that even you're wheelchair bound Granny wouldn't be caught dead in, doves will cry and spontaneously combust.


  1. Dumb review. You suck so bad. fuck you bitch

  2. Yea this review sucks ass. Shut your mouth please!!!

  3. Someone's been drinking the Haterade, I see. You little Perfume stans can just go away and do whatever you want. Besides, J did say that he LIKED it.


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