A quartet plays Hikaru Utada's "Prisoner of love"

Classically trained Bobbie chose to show his love to my future wife and mother of my unborn child by re-arranging her song "Prisoner of love". The arrangement is played by his quartet aptly named 4tet: which features violin and viola players Emily, Forest and Kristen gettin' their bowin' on to a gem of a song which went rather un-noticed. Than again, the whole of Heart station did in general really. It's probably the one Hikaru Utada album that runs through my mind and my iPod the least amount of times.

I love the changes made to some of the arrangements, especially towards the end where a sense of warmth came into some of the notes. I love live strings. They just sends chills down my spine every time.

"Prisoner of love" was a song I didn't like a great deal until I started watching Last friends - a drama which made great use of the song. Hikaru Utada released a "Quiet version" of "Prisoner of love" which featured prominent strings and this was the version Last friends used quite a lot, and was also the version that had me fall in love with the song in a big way and sling it straight onto the iPod.

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  1. I love strings too, when used correctly they can call forth so many emotions.
    This arrangement was nice; I'd like to see more Utada stuff re-arranged like this.

  2. You are completely right about strings. I was getting tired of listening to "First Love" (of course I could NEVER hate the song, but I guess I would always overplay it), but after hearing an orchestra version from "Forbidden Love", the love I had for the song rekindled. It's just beautiful! :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Z-pstagOUU


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