That ginger one from Girls aloud is ready to snatch a wig

That pale ginger girl that many of us wondered what the hell was doing in Girls aloud is set to embark on a solo career! The wheels have already begun to turn on her promotional wagon; with her official website getting a facelift, her debut single having a release date, and her album official being titled and slated for an Autumn release.

Nicola's lead single from her debut album Cinderella's eyes is titled "Beat of my drum" and you can see her working on the track with Diplo and Dimitri Tikovoi in this video. And the music playing as the backdrop to this video is more than likely the instrumental from it.

This could either go one of two ways. Nicola's story will be the ultimate underdog story, which see's her top the charts, shut shit down across Europe and wipe the floor with Cheryl Cole's album sales. Or, she will flop horribly, yet gain much deserved critical acclaim for her album; much like that ginger chick Siobhan from the Sugababes.


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