Crystal gets holla'd at by Jin (again) and talks about a Korean debut. Oh lawd...

Crystal conducted a lil' Q&A on her dry ass blog, and a couple of things came to light.

Firstly, is that she might be f**king Jin Akanishi. She responded to a question about spending time with that special someone, and Jin instantly tweeted back at her. And they'd also tweeted back and forth about phoning one another and hooking up on Skype. Yep. They be f**king. Weak album sales or acute nephritis wasn't the reason for her Spin the music tour being canceled. Having her vaginal cavity filled with Jin's penis was.

Secondly, is that Crystal can in fact read and write perfectly in Korean, but has trouble speaking it. This isn't the gasp worthy news though. This is: Crystal has expressed a desire to sing in Korean and debut in the country which values colourful outfits and dance routines over any real talent. We all know Crystal would not last 5 minutes in Korea. Unless you're willing work yourself into a state of anorexia, appear on every music show which airs in south Korea in the space of 2 hours, dress head to toe looking like page 5 of Jeremy Scott's Adidas originals catalog and move on a stage like the well being of your best wig depends on it - you don't stand a chance. Crystal worked the stage nicely on her CK10 tour, but she's not at K-Pop level. Bitch can't even keep up with BoA's sales and popularity in Japan. She'd get slaughtered over in Korea like a goat in a Jamaican butcher shop.

Props to Crystal Kay for acknowledging Korea as an option though. Her heritage gives her viable avenues to pursue which most other artists don't have. But it isn't as easy for a Japanese signed act to debut in Korea, as it is for a Korean act to debut in Japan. And as for Crystal making a go of it in the West, she'd need to consistently push more units and amass a larger following in Japan first. And unless changes are made to her personnel and she switches up her music and image, that shit is not happening. I love Crystal Kay. She's one of my favourite artists. But it just is not happening, even though I love for it to.

Get to know: Who is Crystal Kay?

Crystal Kay wants to debut in Korea @ J-Pop asia


  1. I don't think it would be a smart move for her career IMO. Japan has a much bigger music industry than korea, and we all know that underfed girl Groups that look like they're about to topple over from malnutrition and dehydration any second are dominating the charts right now. She wouldn't be able to make it in Korea unless she sheds some pounds to the point where she's borderline anorexic, invest in colorful outfits, and assembles a team of girls to dance with her. Maybe Jin's penis was down her throat, damaging her vocal cords, which prevented her from performing at her tour, or maybe the dicking was so good she couldn't walk, which would prevent her from working the stage...lmfao j/k

  2. I'm sure this is just fun talk with her fans nothing more. Calm down. But if she does master the spoken language why not try a song, I would. It is pretty cool that she can read and write in three languages though.

  3. This confirms that Beni Daniel's facebook account is fake on account it says she's dating Jin on there hahahaha


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