Music video: Nicki Minaj - Super bass

I was sat listening to a couple of the Pink Friday bonus tracks last week and had "Super bass" on replay. So there are no objections from me to this being a single. Of all of the tracks on the album, I think it's the most obvious single choice to go with at this point in Pink Friday's cycle. Clubs will spin it, radio will love it, it's got Summer hit scrawled all over titties. It's a complete and utter goer. And the video had me the second Nicki rocked the green wig. I'm all about Nicki and the green wigs. It's the one factor which always gets an insta like from me after she thrashed that shit in the music video to "Massive attack" - a song I'm still mad got no love from anybody. Because that for me was one of Nicki's best singles.

I think it's a downright shame that Nicki Minaj cannot dance what-so-ever. And that her backside is pretty much a big fat waste given that she doesn't know how to pop it right. How can this bitch be of Trinidadian decent and not know how to work her waist and whine!? Still. That dry little piece of a routine she was working during the first run of the chorus shitted on what I've seen Britney pull off in her past 2 music videos.

"Super bass" is the track and video Ciara wishes she'd gotten for Basic instinct.


  1. Her body is ridiculous. Damn. O_O

    But, meh, she's better just doing features.


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