Bonus material: Britney Spears - I wanna go (Single version)

Britney Spears - I wanna go | Single version

It's difficult finding pictures from Britney's Femme fatale photoshoot where she doesn't look fed-up and tired in the face. It makes you wonder whether her lack of work ethic is contagious and spreading to the people involved in shooting and re-touching her.

Anyway. Word is that this is the single version of "I wanna go" which will get spun on radio and be used in the music video. All sounds familiar to those who have played the hell out of this track on the album, up until the bridge section.

Listen: I wanna go (Single version)

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New bridge section? I don't like it. It doesn't fit in with the overall sound of the song. This whole dub step influenced, chopped-up, electronic funk style break down that got dropped in "Hold it against me" and the remix of "Till the world ends" is just being overused now. Not to mention that "Inside out" and "Seal it with a kiss" both employ the same tired tricks too. The bridge section of the album version was much more effective and kept in line with the euro house, disco sound of the song. A nice break from all the fist pumping to get your breath back, and a moment to slow grind before the beat picks up and you're back to the fist pumping again. Why anybody felt the need to mess with a song which was spot on in the first place is beyond me.


  1. Luckily for you, this is actually fake. A guy on Exhale admitted to creating it from the original song and a remix. Here's the link:

    I do have to admit, the whole "dubstep" craze in Britney's music is kinda done. I'm pretty sure that they're just keeping the album version.


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