The Amazonian robot empress titles her 4th studio album 4

Beyonce titles her 4th studio album '4' | Beyonce album news
This is an all important post regarding the Amazonian robot empresses upcoming new album. So of course I wanted to make sure it was well complimented by the best picture of Beyoncé I could find.

After running an extensive diagnostic program, the Beyondroid has finally turned up the anomaly that is her fourth studio album. It's simply titled 4.

Beyoncé mentioned in an interview that the album name holds great meaning to her because her fashion designer / disaster seamstress mother was born on the fourth day, she got married on April 4th and 4 is the same number of chicks Beyoncé kicked out of Destiny's Child to secure her own career. You may be wondering who the fourth member is. You'd have to ask Beyoncé. Bitch kicked that ho out before the line-up even when public. Although you could always argue the fourth member was her own father Darth Knowles.

I doubt as much thought went into this album title as the Amazonian robot empress would like to have us believe. This is the same woman who named her debut album after a song from a Destiny's child album, named her follow up after a booty basin, then named her next album after some shit so toxically camp that even RuPaul wouldn't dare touch it with a hair straightener.

All I know is that the Beyondroid had better start to come correct, because The Forehead is coming for that lacefront and she's coming for it FAST! Beyoncé proclaims she needs a barber because no n***a can't fade her, but I bet The Forehead can. Rihanna will fade her shit from the from the front to the back real nicely if Beyoncé doesn't up her game.

I can't be excited for this new album until I hear some form of evidence that Beyoncé has grown as an artist. Because "Run the world (Girls)" is giving me nothing. Although the video could give the song the boost it needs.

Beyonce announces album title and lines up US promo (FINALLY!)... @Toya's world


  1. i'm sorry J...but PUH-LEAZE!!! what is you on?! rihanna cannot fade beyonce! not in this life, nor the next! now yes rih is a superstar, but beyonce is an icon. ain't no fading that no matter how hard you try. now don't get me wrong, i love me some rihanna ("california king bed" sealed the deal for me...b*tch killed it!) but til the bajan beauty cements herself in music and pop culture history, forms an unshakable dynasty with someone on her level, and has kanye runnin up on stage to defend her, she got some work to do. rih fashion, her abuse scandal, and a couple of twitter clapbacks ain't enough.

  2. I think J means that currently Rhianna is outdoing Beyonce. We all know that Beyonce is ten times more talented, but Girls we run the world is garbage. Beyonce needs to come harder than that, and do it better than her last album, not worse. If not, Rhianna will cease that wig right by the lace front, and snatch it off her head with the quickness. Pretty soon Rhianna will be rocking the blonde weave if Beyonce doesn't step her game up.

  3. @ Bryan
    Ditto! What Melvin said.

    Bryan...dude...I thought you knew me better than that! *shakes head*

  4. LOOL Beyonce is an icon?! i swear Bey and Gaga stans need to go to a perspective camp because they have none...
    Mariah is an icon, Whitney is an icon, Britney is an icon, Madonna is an icon... Beyonce is not.

    This is one of the most dumb women in the industry and we're supposed to believe all the shiz she takes credit for is down to her? LOL...
    Her new single is whack, don't get me wrong she is a really good singer but she was overpraised, her "dancing" is always some variation of pussy pop and weave thrash...

    Anyway nice that she named the album after the amount of brain cells she has.

  5. @ J - i thought i did too! that's why i asked what you were on! but with the way you've been goin in on britney lately, i just though you would be coming for bey next! but many thanks to Melvin for putting me back on track! had me a lil bit scared!

    @ Luke - baby boy, don't play like bey ain't an icon. now i usually see where you're coming from and agree, but you know she is up there with all 4 of those other women. writing credits or otherwise, few other chicks can all around entertain like beyonce. whether we like it or not, bey became untouchable when "single ladies" dropped and took over the world. she could retire today and never set foot in a studio again and people will talk about her for decades to come. icon material? yes i think so.

  6. why do black people hate Beyonce

    not being general but most people who hate Bey are black kinda odd

    either way I love her and she is an icon,if Britney then she is, what exactly did Britney do.

    Her new song is trash but the video is sick
    can't wait for your review and Gaga's new album is kinda blah,the critics are eating up but I am pretty sure in these days of the decline of print media they are getting paid by record labels

  7. Definitely agree with Byran, seriously, if the mess formerly known as Britney is an icon, Beyoncé sure as hell qualifies as well, since... well, even though she has crappy songs ever so often, she still got the vocals and the performance to set her apart.


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