Music video: Lady Gaga - Judas

The sets, the outfits and the concept was cool. I just feel the direction wasn't strong enough. The cinematography just didn't do this video justice. Gaga's outfits weren't showcased and framed in the best way to truly give them impact. And the energy of the dance routine felt diluted because of the way it was constantly shown via establishing shots and the editing around it was so loose. That same energy Lady Gaga had during her performance of "Judas" on Ellen was no captured here.

With a stronger director at the helm, this could have been a great video. Francis Lawrence instantly came to mind, but then again he would given that "Judas" sounds so much like "Bad romance" and he directed the music video for that. He just has this cool way of making videos look a bit spooky and unsettling, yet really beautiful at the same time; as was evident in "Bad romance" and also Britney's "Circus".

I do however like that this video was pretty simple for Lady Gaga. It wasn't too over blown and wasn't as controversial as many were led to believe. And the religious connotations weren't nearly as strong as they were in "Alejandro". Even the Jesus in cornrows and Gaga preparing to get spitroasted by Jesus and Judas in a wash basin wasn't a big deal. After all, Madonna done weave thrashed in front of a burning crucifix, sucked the face off a black Jesus and had him risk his life for her after she got raped in the alley of some remote village 22 years ago.


  1. This is the first Gaga vid in ages i actually like, the dancing IMO is still lame but i like that it's practically a "normal" video rather than some half hour boring ego trip like most of her recent vids.

    But seriously... why is she in love with Judas when Jusus is so FRICKIN HOT?! O_o seriously hot.... lol


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