Lady Gaga sits on a chair of motherboards...naked. All in the name of Artpop.

Lady Gaga sits on a chair of motherboards...naked. All in the name of <i>Artpop</i> | Random J pop

Lady Gaga looked a Photoshopped mess in that vile shoot she did for V magazine. And whilst Gaga still refuses to put on some clothes, she at least looks normal in the latest promo shot for her upcoming album Artflop. In fact, she looks pretty hot. This would have made a pretty fly album cover in place of that Paintball goggled, Shakira faced looking ass mess. had posted an article on which Lady Gaga gets blasted by somebody who was close to her, but is clearly sick of the bitch now. Or was just spilling Gaga's tea to catch some money from a tabloid. Calling her out as being a man eater and an absolute freak in the bedroom. It's what everybody thought / knew / guessed from when she dropped that "LoveGame" video anyway. But let's mull over this shit regardless, because it paints some pretty funny pictures.

She takes what she wants - because she can. She is obsessed with men. She will do anything to get a guy. She is a complete exhibitionist and has had sex in places where she knows strangers can see her. Her love-making is a big performance. She loves doing weird stuff in the bedroom. She is as extravagant in bed as she is on stage.

This may turn some guys on, but watching Lady Gaga being carried to my beside in a giant egg would not do it for me.When I want sex, I want the sex. A little role playing here and there can be fun and good foreplay is everything! But by no means would I ever want a full blown VMA performance. Bitch, your pussy ain't THAT special. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to finish my outfit for my pre sex performance of The lion king


  1. Allen Alexander28 July 2013 at 22:18

    ROTFLMAO@ "A full on VMA performance in the bedroom." I have to say Gaga still seems to be full of it...but I'm not going to lie and say I'm not interested in what she might come up with. This seems to be the make it or break it album for her where we will see if people are truly over her shtick or not. I dig the picture, at least.

  2. Gaga just needs to make sure she is left with a solid album which stands on its own when the smoke and mirrors are stripped away. So much of what she does often overshadows the music. Even when her songs are decent, that gets forgotten about because of some stunt she pulled or she decided to wear a placenta dress on the cover of some fashion magazine.

  3. Who is Lady Gaga?

    I thought he was a girl at first.

  4. "Paws Up Little Monsters! Mommy's Coming Home!"


  5. I hope her album does well for her sake but I grew tired of this chick during her "The Fame Monster" era. Unless Gaga decides to tone down her image, I can't picture her having a long standing career in the industry. The public no longer seems to be fazed by her "over the top" public antics and can't take her music seriously.


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