Music video: Lady Gaga - Applause

Music video: Lady Gaga - Applause | Random J Pop

It wouldn't quite be a Gaga video without at least 7 different looks and some excessive nudity.

My general feeling with this video was that there were way too many looks. Each one looking messier than the last. Lady Gaga could have gotten away with just cutting this video down to the black and white scenes and had a really nice, simple video. But as per usual, the mantra of 'less is more' has evaded Gaga completely with this video.

Gaga might need to rush out a new single or a buzz single, because Katy Perry's "Roar" is shitting royally all over Gaga's "Applause". Downloads of Katy's flat, lazy, uninspired single are around the 450,000 downloads mark, whilst Gaga's clap anthem stands at aound 250,000. Gaga may need to ask her monsters to stop making their own hands touch and instead make their hands touch that download button on iTunes.

As much as I like "Applause", I can't imagine it having the same longevity as some of Gaga's past singles. I think the Monsters are feeling Gaga's grip slipping to Katy Perry, as they've taken to posting foolish ass comments on Katy Perry's lyric video for "Roar".

Dem Monsters are something else. Gaga probably sent out a newsletter to her fanclub asking them to do this shit.


Josh Chinnery said…
Honey, you just killed any love I have for this song. I hope this mess flops so hard, that your label takes all creative control you have like they did to Adam Young When All Things Bright and Beautiful flopped -_-
Ralph Beaubrun said…
You said EXACTLY what i think about that video....

and I dont found the song catchy EXEPT for the pre-cho --> "I live for the Applauze applauze applauze..." --> THAT for me made the song, as sophisticated is the Chorus, its difficult to understand what she's saying....

While Katy's song is CATCHY AS HELL!! As unispired and flat as it may be, i really prefer by far "Roar" to "applause" - Max Matin & Doctor Luke just know how to make catchy songs.... crazy ish!

we're waiting for that Danm ROAR review, even if you dont like it!! hurry yo ass up