Music video: Ken Hirai - Itoshiki hibi yo

I see Ken is still rolling with this blonde hair mess. He's handsome, so he can JUST about get away with it. But it still looks a mess. Somebody book this man an appointment at his nearest salon. Or take him to Zara to buy a hat.

I love me a good J-ballad, but this was so boring and depressing. When I saw this video was 6 minutes long, I thought we'd get a mini J-drama going on within this shit. But nope. Just Ken singing in the rain for the whole damn 6 minutes and nothing else. And somebody needs to just give me the instrumental to this song, because Ken's wailing made my ear bleed and did the lavish production no favours. It was like listening to a guy on helium...with auto-tune. This song should have either been given to a female to sing or dropped down a key and given to Oda Kazumasa. That man's voice is a white cloud on a sunny day.


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