Britney Spears lines up "I wanna go" as Femme fatale's 3rd single

Britney set to release 'I wanna go' as the 3rd single from 'Femme fatale' | New single news
Word through the grapevine that is Britney's weave, is that the Max Martin and Shellback Euro house disco crack that is "I wanna go" is slated to be the third single from Shitney's Femme fail.

"I wanna go" is one of my favourite songs off of Britney's latest offering. It's the obvious choice for a single given how radio and club ready it is, and that the song is just plain f**king amazing. But I'm scared of it being a single. Because Britney will not promote this song and she will not swag in the music video how she needs to - rendering the song far from being the worldwide smash it has the potential to be. Frankly, Britney's (further) lack of commitment to dancing and looking like she cares in music videos will just make me not like the song any more.

Anything Britney releases from here on out is wasted as far as I'm concerned. Because Britney will not do what needs to be done for any of the songs to go the full distance. "How I roll" would make a hot single too (the beat is a BANGER!) But after seeing that mess of a routine in which Britney did pretty much nothing, I'm not even trying to see a music video get off of the ground to that.


  1. I didn't read a word you typed because I stopped dead at that picture. Good gawd.

  2. J you're such a Britney hater... I understand your frustration that she doesn't promote for shit and isn't swagging it like she should but there's no need to be so dramatic about it, she's got a whole back catalogue of amazing shit and hot vids so she isn't really "shitney"...
    I really wish there was some way she could get her swagger back though coz i can just imagine the old her slaying the video's/performances to all the songs on "FEMME FATALE" ~_~
    Hoping "Inside out" gets to be a single because that song is the shit and the beat is sick, it came on in Macdonalds the other day and i was like STFU! BRITNEYS ON Y'ALL! lol

  3. J isn't hating. He's disliking.

    And you can't really blame him. I mean, imagine being a fan of an artist who stops caring, can't sing, can't dance, puts out "music" that all sounds the same, and rips off her own fans by charging outrageous prices to watch her walk around stage like she's on propofol.

  4. "can't sing, can't dance"
    Isn't that a song :)

    How could she go out in public like that? She could at least wear a scarf. It's like she doesn't give a sh*t about herself.

  5. You guys put WAY to much blame on Britney, she spent most of her live workin like nobdies business making great shows/video's/music for her fans now unfortunatly she has mental issues, this is a person who is heavily medicated and has every aspect of her life controlled by other people, she doesn't even have her own mobile phone and has to ASK for extra spending money and you think she's sat at home rubbing her hands together laughing as the cash rolls in from a tour she probably doesn't even want to go on...
    "FEMME FATALE" is a great album and we're lucky that Britney is even in a position to put an album out after how she was around "Blackout".


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