Album art: Beyoncé - 4

Beyoncé - 4 | Album art

I should find this album cover horrendous. But for some reason, I really like it! Things which shouldn't work from a design perspective wind up really working in this cover's favour. Having the Amazonian empress' image blocking out the majority of her own name is odd. And the shot of Beyoncé is not your usual super clean, super clear hi res shot. And this weave has to be the worst weave Beyoncé has graced an album cover with. Look at that shit. It looks like home girl just rolled out of bed! But there is a real iconic aura this cover gives off, which I like. It's like something from the 70's. This would look great when printed on a vinyl sleeve cover.

4's album cover fuses the nakedness of Dangerously in love, with the 70's throwback and Beyonce's lack of looking into the camera from B'Day. And it works! Her best looking album cover for sho'.

I hope Beyoncé's ready to get put on notice by Peta and P!nk though. Because that shit she's wearing looks like fur and it looks real.


  1. It doesn't even look like Beyonce

  2. Call me... Petuuuunia23 May 2011 at 09:18

    Damn, I was hoping the only time I would have to see a top like that was in Nikka Costa's "Like A Feather" video :p

    But overall, I like the 70's magazine feel~


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