4 Korean idols and 1 dude with a played out high top fade.

CL looks a mess. But she looks a swaggered out mess. Dara looks boring, but pretty (as usual). Minzy looks as though she's still going through an identity crisis with her style, but looks cute none the less. But Bom...Jebus Lawd. What is up with Bom's face!? Her face looked a hot allergy reacted mess in that "Don't cry" music video, and it looks bad here too. This chick either has hay-fever, or she got shit done to her face and had a n***a do it wrong.

I can't be excited about 2NE1 and will.i.am, because frankly, I can't stand anything will.i.am does. So much of what this guy has produced over the past few years have fallen into a pile of something I can only class as 'musical disgraces'. That said, his style will suit 2NE1 down to the ground. Lots of auto-tune and big beats. Although one of the 2NE1 girls will need to be willing to take a hit, because you best believe this n***a will be spouting nonsense on any song he produces for them and that he'll want to eat into a bitches bars to do so.

I loved 2NE1 when they first started. "Fire" will always be that crack But ever since, these girls just haven't done much for me. CL's swagger is still as fly as f**k. But I just need something MWAOR from these girls. I want CL to hop on Major Lazer's "Pon de floor", just to show Beyoncé how you handle that beat, and to make Switch regret ever letting Beyoncé taint the awesomeness.


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