Music video: KAT-TUN - White

The song is called white, the first guy you see in the video is white. And KAT-TUN are walking around a school full of white people. You gotta love the super correlation between the song and the music video.

Surprisingly, the song doesn't completely suck like 90% of KAT-TUN's music. Although I'd probably like the song more if another group has sung it. Porno graffiti would have shut this song down. Even f**king Arashi would have sounded better on this song. It amazes me how after so many years KAT-TUN still do not have am identifiable or particular sound. Then again, no Johnny's group tends to. Musical talent is way down the scale at Jimmy's Jimusho. As long as Johnny's acts print money, and each of the groups feature at least one member willing to sleep with Johnny on a Sunday night and take one for the team - he cool.

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