Music video: 2NE1 shoot a video on an iPhone and act ratchet at home in "Do you love me"

Music video: 2NE1 shoot a video on an iPhone and act ratchet at home in "Do you love me" | Random J Pop

Dara should be grateful to Yang Hyun-suk. Because this video is the best thing to happen to her since Cass beer cut her a cheque and set her loose solo with "Kiss". This video made her look really relevant in ways very few none of 2NE1's other videos have. It's just as well in this case, because she has NO presence on this song.

Dara has always been the most photogenic out of the group (ya'll know she's the prettiest member) and the one with the most likeable personality (Sandara keep the party poppin' on me2day). She stole the show in this video, despite CL's constant attempts to get all up in her shots, splash water in her face and tell a bitch to stop her Liu Kang bicycle kick impression on the bathroom window sill.

I have nothing to say about this song other than it's rubbish. If FAKY would like to step in and deliver me what these girls are failing to, then I won't be mad at that. And in answer to 2NE1's question: No. I don't love you bitch. Not any more.


Josh Chinnery said…
Damn... This song is exactly what I need from 2NE1. I didn't care for Falling in Love (they've done reggae before and 100x better), but they came (semi-) correct with electronic mess. Also, the video was a lot better than I thought it'd be. There were so many ways this thing could have gone wrong, but it did it's job and it did it well enough. Let's hope they come correct (and I mean *really* correct) with the final title track from this album (I refuse to believe it's a mini, because that's just dumb *stares holes into BAP's collective face*), because irrelevance is about to swallow them whole XD
David said…
2NE1 don't care what you say, their sales are just as high as they've been since forever and ever without you're supporttttt.

I didn't know what I felt about this song at first, but Dara's part actually saves it for me because it's just SO DAMN SEXY. I don't know, I'm not used to Dara bringing the sex but that near whisper over that beat did it for me.
InnerRise said…
Haven't checked out the video. Don't care. Heard the song. And it sucked.
Josh Chinnery said…
You really think so? About Dara's parts, I mean. I think Teddy did her dirty by *not* piling on dem overdubs with a bit of autotune to make her stand out. I can hardly hear what she's saying (poor girl's voice is tragically thin) and it lacks the catchiness that her parts have that have me singing them like a trained robot.
Tami Menzed said…
it's so disappointing, the last thing I liked was I'm the best and then everything went ugly