Perfume debut their new song "Party maker", whilst getting pissed on in the TV commercial

We moved on from "Magic of love" pretty quickly didn't we. And thankfully so have Perfume. What we have isn't a new single (yet...) but yet another new song of theirs featuring in some fruit related beverage. The song is called "Party maker" and it sounds like a potential crub banger. But we know how Nakata rolls. The segment heard in this song could be a 15 second passage which you hear once, never hear again, with everything else either side of it featuring a completely different sound. Ya'll remember that "Spring of life" teaser. And never forget how Nakata blind sighted the whole of Japan with those verses on "Magic of love".

Only Perfume could look so innocent in the midst of a golden shower, wearing dresses which look like they were used for R. Kelly's target practice.

This preview barely gives us any of the song. But I like what I hear. This shit sounds like "Spending all my time" with added crunk. It makes me want to stand on some rock overlooking the sea in Ibiza and then violently trash under in a volley of strobe lights.

Perfume's creative team had better start working on how to make their dresses look as though they're filling up with lemon soda live on stage. We've seen Perfume dance on stage in light up dresses and be a part of an epic projection set piece. So it's not a matter of Can they? More a case of Will they?

Perfume's fourth studio album Level 3 is due on October 2. The singles haven't been amazing thus far, but I have the feeling that Level 3 will be one of those albums where the singles work better when they're placed with other songs as part of an album. Then there's the possibility that Nakata will re-work some of the singles for the album as he did with "Laser beam" and "Glitter" for JPN.

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InnerRise said…
It doesn't sound like anything special to me. Which seems to be the theme they are going for this era

I'm starting to believe that their first 2 Albums were a fluke.

They don't have a plan.

Aimless with no vision.
Josh Chinnery said…
Damn it Nakata, why you gotta be leaving a nigga hanging like this Y_Y That song better bang harder than Spending all My Time, or I'm going to be a man on a mission >_>