Album arts + tracklisting: Perfume - LEVEL3

Album arts + tracklisting: Perfume - LEVEL3 | Random J Pop

Here be's the album cover for Perfume's 4th studio album LEVEL3. We always know what we're getting with Perfume's single / album covers. Sleek ass dresses, clean designs and Nocchi giving that leg away like free Kool-aid at a charity sale.

For those of you who are familiar with Perfume may notice something is off about this album cover. That perhaps girl in the middle is a new member. But no. That girl in the middle is our short skirt wearing pussy popper Kashiyuka…WITHOUT BANGS! Perfume's creative team have no idea what they have started with this. They have disrupted the status quo by showing us the one part of Kashiyuka’s body which we were never meant to see.

Perfume - LEVEL3 (Limited edition) | Random J Pop Perfume - LEVEL3 (Regular edition) | Random J Pop

We are NEVER supposed to see Yuka without bangs. Whatever next. Nocchi in a skirt and a-chan in shorts!? Namie is so mad over this.

  1. Enter the sphere
  2. Spring of life (Album mix)
  3. Magic of love (Album mix)
  4. Clockwork
  5. 1mm
  6. 未来のミュージアム | Mirai no museum
  7. Party Maker
  8. ふりかえるといるよ | Furikaeru to iru yo
  9. ポイント | Point
  10. だいじょばない | Daijobanai
  11. Handy man
  12. Sleeping beauty
  13. Spending all my time (Album mix)
  14. Dream land

We get "Point", "Daijobanai" and "Handy man", but no "Hurly burly"? That shit is as shady as fuck. It's the one B-side they performed more than any other as though it was a full blown single. The penance is that we at least get "Handy man" and "Daijobanai" - both of which I only grew to like when I heard the former play during the intermission of Perfume's World tour 2nd and saw them perform the latter. It's a shame Universal don't roll how Avex do, because videos to both these songs would have gone down a treat. That "Daijobanai" routine don't play.

I am looking forward to hearing these album mixes of the singles. I shudder to think what Nakata has done to "Spring of life". And if "Spending all my time" has been reworked in the same way as the live version, then I will make me a poncho out of some white bed sheets, go to Trafalgar square with a projector and give London a ghetto re-enactment of that epic-ass World tour 2nd intro.

There were originally plans for this album to be released worldwide, although details of this amongst the reveal of the album artworks and the tracklist are currently non-existent. I guess we'll find out nearer October 2nd if a worldwide release will still go ahead. It would make complete sense for Universal to make it happen given that the girls have recently wrapped up a sell out world tour this year. There is no question that there is interest in these girls outside of Japan.

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At said…
1mm is about small (jpn) dicks not being enough for them.
At said…
1mm is about small c**ks not being enough for them
Neppygear said…
No Hurly Burly = goodbye
InnerRise said…
I had already placed the success of this Album solely on "Hurly Burly"'s now........
Mel R said…
Kashiyuka looks AMAZING with her bangs pushed back. Dare I say it, I think she looks better this way. Namie mad! There's only room for one large forehead in Jpop. Namie has sent Haruto on a mission wielding clippers, and he will not be allowed back into his bedroom (Namie's shoe closet) until he has brought back Kashiyuka's locks. I refuse to believe that Hurly Burly was excluded. I will be squeezing it into the track listing on my Itunes playlist.
Nait Phoenix said…
All y'all upset about "Hurly Burly" not being on the track listing, let's be happy that we actually have the full thing in some aspect. Because it wasn't a couple of months ago, it was just an instrumental for the website, and we couldn't have gotten it altogether. I'm still upset that the current instrumental for the website ain't a full song (yet!)

Truly, I love this track list. I mean, you get the euro-crack that is "Spending all my time", you get the DnB miracle that is "Point", the killer B-sides "Daijo Banai" and "Handy Man", and "COMMUNICATION" nowhere in sight! Not to mention one of their better singles, "Spring of Life" as an album-mix. We know what happened with "Laser Beam", the better of the JPN singles, when it became an album-mix, so who knows what kind of magic crack Yasutaka sprinkles on it but it'll probably be amazing!

P.S. I still love "Mirai no Museum" solely because it's the first Perfume song I've heard that actually fits how they sound and it's so damn adorable. :D
Nait Phoenix said…
Oh, and the regular edition cover is serving. Kashiyuka, with the "Rihanna-forehead" realness, Nocchi with the "I'll be in the back, but I'm the head bitch" pose, and A-chan with the "standing here looking effortless because I can" look! LUV!!! DEEZ!!! GURLS!!! CAN'T WAIT FOR LEVEL "BACKWARDS-E"! :D