Album art + tracklisting: Ringo Shiina - Sandokushi

Album art + tracklisting: Ringo Shiina - Sandokushi | Random J Pop

Ringo Shiina will release her 7th solo studio album Sandokushi on May 27th and she's riding into battle for the ORICON chart top spot looking like a character from Soulcalibur.

Shiina is extra and loves to give us album titles which have whole ass histories and stories behind them, so of course, this go-round is no different. Sandokushi roughly translates as '3 poisons', which is in reference to a teaching in Buddhism which speaks of three things known to cloud one's judgement and poison the heart of a man; greed, hatred and delusion. But these days it's more than just three. There is also pussy, dick and / or bussy (depending on his preference) and Fortnite.

Shiina Ringo - Sandokushi [CD edition] | Random J Pop

When I heard Shiina had a new album on the way, I have to admit, I was more exited at the prospect of there being a feature from Hikaru Utada than anything else. But, nope. A bunch of guest features, but no Hikaru.

Still. It's good to have another bad bitch veteran in the game still releasing music and keeping her shit interesting.
  1. Niwatori to hebi to buta
  2. Kemono yuku hosomichi with Miyamoto Hiroji
  3. Ma chérie
  4. Kakeochisha with Sakurai Atsushi
  5. Donzoko made
  6. Kamisama, hotokesama with Mukai Shutoku
  7. Tokyo
  8. Nagaku mijikai matsuri with Ukigumo
  9. Shijou no jinsei
  10. Isogaba maware with Hiizumi Masayuki
  11. Jiyuudom
  12. Menukidoori with Matsumoto Tortoise
  13. Anoyo no mon

Sandokushi will also be released digitally via global streaming service Apple music, Spotify, Google Play. And the album cut "Kakeochisha" is currently available for streaming.