Music video: Mutya Keisha Siobhan - Flatline

When I first watched this video I didn't really have much of an opinion on the Instagram looking ass cinematography. The only thought in my mind was "It's so fucking good seeing these girls together again".

We have had group formations and reunions in the past, but I've never cared as much about any of them in the way I have for the reformation of the original Sugababes. When was the last time a group lost its original members over the course of 10 years winding up with a group void of the original members, just for the original members to get back together and form a new group!? This shit generally does not happen, which is why I am so glad that it did, because I LOVED the Sugababes up until Mutya left.

I loved Heidi. Despite the hate for her now, she was as much of a Sugababes as Siobhan. Some would argue even more so. But even after 6 albums that girl was always the side chick of the group. On the Sugababes debut One touch there was no one member of the group who felt more prominent than the other. Siobhan was all over the songs just as much as Keisha and Mutya were. But with Angels with dirty faces, Three and Taller in more ways, each album felt very much like Mutya and Keisha were carrying the songs with Heidi just featuring and being relegated to the bridge section. She continually felt like 'the new girl'. When Mutya left and Amelle came in, Amelle was all over the songs. When Keisha got kicked out and Jade came in, Jade was all over the songs. Heidi never once bothered to step up to the plate. I'm hard pressed to recall a song where Heidi even bothered to ad-lib. By the time Change came around, Heidi was certified irrelevant and I don't know why she even bothered turning up to the studio on Catfights & spotlights. Siobhan gets the opening verse and the bridge on "Flatline". When has Heidi ever!?

Amelle, Heidi and Jade may want to grab a pillow for their seats, because they are gonna be sat down in them for the longest. Sugababes' 4.0? Ain't nobody got time fo' dat.


Mel R said…
Honestly, I'm glad they reformed too because a group with actual vocal talent is what we need right now. Flatline has been on repeat and the song quickly made me a fan. I'm highly anticipating their new album and I'm not even a long time fan, so I can only imagine how excited they are. Also, I love mutya (she's my fav member of the group), but day silver skirt did her NO favors.
Random J said…
Mutya does herself no favours 90% of the time. Her body was not ready to go into that silver ensemble.

Mutya's always been my fave member, I just love her voice. Of all the members of the group, she is the only one whose live vocals never waver. I find Keisha and Siobhan's (and Heidi's) live vocals to be really inconsistent. But Mutya always holds it down.
Mel R said…
LOL I know people talk shit about her being a ratchet, ghetto mess, but I would not have it any other way. I live for ratchet, messy things, and I could see mutya being my homie If I knew her in real life. She seems to be the most real member of MKS, and she gives no fucks. I love her voice as well because she has falls into a lower vocal fach, and I think higher set voices are overrated. It's all about that rich lower register for me. Also, I think she has the sexiest voice of the three (LOL), which is why I thought she suited laying down in swimming pools perfectly. Another thing I love about the girls btw; they have a great sense of musicality. I don't think I would have liked swimming pools as much had Mutya not been designated the verses.

I haven't seen too many of their live performances to make that observation, and I thought they all sounded great during their last live performance.