Album art + tracklisting: Jasmine - Complexxx

Album art + tracklisting: Jasmine - Complexxx | Random J Pop

Jasmine will finally release the follow up to her 2010 debut Gold. J-R&B's quickest wig rotator will drop her second studio album Complexxx on August 28th, which will feature all of her singles and their accompanying tracks from as early as her Stargate produced 2011 release "One".

Jasmine usually always looks a ghetto trash mess. It's nice to finally see her scrub up with a nice wig which doesn't look like it was bought in a Halloween pop-up shop. I am feeling this album cover. My only issue with it are Jasmine's toes gripping the front of her shoes for dear life. I'm undecided about the basic ass pole making Jasmine look as though she's about to bust a n***as car windows. Jasmine looking like cheap descendants of Final Fantasy VIII sorceresses for her Gold era made it difficult for me to take her seriously. And the styling for her "High flying" and "Hero" single arts were so horrendous that it didn't occur to me once that her album cover would look half way decent. She sure shut me up.

  1. High flying
  2. Best partner
  3. Addiction
  4. Touch me on the Beach
  5. B*TCH*S
  6. I hate you
  7. Weekend high
  8. Only you
  9. Realize
  10. One
  11. Hero
  12. I'll be there

In true J-Pop fashion, this album comes after at a point when everybody has heard 80% of it as a result of a long string of singles. I don't have an issue with this when the singles are good. "One", "Best partner" and "B*TCH*S" were hot. I have zero fucks to give anything else. The new songs are going to have to be perfect for me to so much as care for this album. Jasmine had better hope the music buying public of Japan don't feel the same. Although given the ORICON chart positions of her singles, they probably do.


InnerRise said…
Cover reminds me of Meisa Kuroki's "Attitude" Album cover with that Pole and all.
David said…
I'm pretty sure this'll be released on U.S. iTunes too as her EP was, so I've heard enough of this album to kind of want it. If I have any pocket change when it comes out I'll get it. The cover isn't exciting really, wish it was just her on a white background without the pipe and the clip art X and that the album was named 'Complex' instead of sounding like something pornographic with the triple x's.
Josh Chinnery said…
The only song I've heard by this girl is B*TCH*ES, so I am so keeping my eye on this album :3
BrilliantBlueify said…
GOLD was my shit! Minus one or two songs. She came wit it that album, I had it on replay. B*TCH*ES is my jam, but I don't see myself buying this album.
sweetdorka said…
What do you mean "was"? It still IS the shit! That album is better than most of the albums I have bought this year alone, and that is sad.
BrilliantBlueify said…
True, It still is the shit lol. A lot of people slept on Gold. J-Urban artists just can't get no love. It's sad
Joshua Lim said…
That why i skipped all her singles and aim for this album...
gonna get it..
Vynse Stakado said…