Daft Punk tease a preview of the music video for "Lose yourself to dance". It's all you gon' see until the end of time.

Daft Punk's will they, won't they second single from Random Access Memories "Lose yourself to dance" will finally get to be a single. A visual for the song was teased at the VMA's. When I first saw this I thought it was a live performance at the VMA's that I'd missed. Because, well. You'll see.

Daft Punk probably just went with this as a follow up single because it was easy to just shoot this on the same day as the "Get lucky" due to the song featuring the same people. I don't know why I'm being a jaded bastard over this, because "Lose yourself to dance" is my favourite song off of Random Access Memories. I play it all the time. The song is perfection to me, so I am glad this will be a single and that I will get to hear this in clubs, because these feet of mine have been dying to electric slide on a bitch on the dance floor.

I'm not holding my breath for a full length video for this to ever surface though. I've still not seen a full video for "Get lucky". I'm convinced the full music video to that song is but a mere myth. If a full length video to "Lose yourself to dance" never surfaces, then there's always this...

...which should just be made the official video anyway.