Hikaru Utada's mother passes away. The wig snatching legacy lives on.

Hikaru Utada's mother passes away | Random J Pop

Hikaru Utada's name is heavily doing the rounds at the moment, but for an unfortunate reason. Her mother died today. 62 year old Junko Abe was found at the foot of her apartment complex in a state of cardiopulmonary arrest, having fallen from her balcony. With there being no signs of force, an altercation or the incident being an accident - her death is being citied as a possible suicide.

But let's not get heavy on Junko's death. Let's all sit down and take a moment to recognise Hikaru's bloodline, acknowledge the amount of scalping this woman did in the 70's and just exactly what Hikaru got from her momma.

Whilst Hikaru's mother has never been active in her music career as her manager father has been, she is the reason music is in Hikaru's blood. Junko Abe debuted as an Enka singer at the age of 17, going by the stage name Keiko Fuji. Her debut album Shinjuku no onna / Enka no hoshi Fuji Keiko no subete stayed at the number 1 spot of the ORICON charts for 20 consecutive weeks. Her follow up album Onna no blues also went on to enjoy major success, swatting every bitch away from the number 1 position for 17 weeks. These amazing feats had made Junko an artist with the longest consecutive number one album in ORICON chart history. Like mother like daughter. That Junko bloodline don't play.

Keiko would soon become more notorious for her tumultuous relationship with Hikaru's father Teruzane Utada than having ever had a music career; with the two of them divorcing and re-marrying more times than Square Enix had re-hashed "Simple & Clean" in the Kingdom Hearts spin off's. Keiko also hit the headlines in 2006 after being detained at JFK airport after officials found a whole lotta dolla bills in her carry on. Her Louis full of dolla was quickly confiscated due to an inkling that the money was somehow connected to drugs, even though nobody could actually prove it. But we all know how that shit looks. I would have suspected her too. But I soon would have let her off the second I caught wind of her being Hikaru Utada's daughter. Home girl is in the Guinness book of world records for selling 10 millions units in Japan alone of her debut album and has topped every Japanese chart with every single and album since. Of course her mother has a license to floss if she wants to. Let a bitch ball out!!

All I want to do is just hold Hikaru, cook her dinner, run her bath and let her beat me on Tetris through this whole mess. To lose somebody to suicide - I can't even. Asking yourself questions 'Why?' and if there was 'Anything I could do to have stopped it?'. Then replaying moments in your mind when there may have been signs.

Hikaru. I know you know 'bout dis blog. So just know that your London dwelling fan, stan and lover sends all of his support. I will not dwell on your mother's passing. I will instead honour her snatching 37 weeks worth of wigs and thank her for you.

Junko was working bitch face performances before Namie was born and giving "Prisoner of love" realness before Hikaru knew about a first love. RECO'NISE GAME!


Marhaebwa said…
R.I.P Junko Abe

Hopefully Hikki and Abe's spirit can find peace soon.
Josh Chinnery said…
Rest in Piece Kween Keiko. May your spirit of wig snatching live on in your fabulous kween of a daughter...
Mel R said…
This is such sad news. I knew Keiko was a popular Enka singer, but I didn't know that this was the extent of her wig snatching. Now we know where Utada gets it from ;). Keiko gave hoes a break for the 80's only to have her daughter return in the late 90s and keep that wig snatching legacy strong. I couldn't imagine losing anyone to suicide, and I know Utada has admitted to not spending time with her family as much as she should, hence why she wanted to go on hiatus. I can't help but wonder how she's feeling and if she will ever return to music after this?
Roni Dez said…
I give my love to Hikki and her family.

My heart sank when I read the headlines earlier. I just hope Hikki finds strength through this horrible situation. She needs her time to grieve and heal properly.

R.I.P. Junko-san
My thoughts go out to her and her family.
Luke said…
Who ever disliked this comment, I dislike you.
Luke said…
This is such sad and surprising news, I feel so bad for Utada... I can't imagine losing a parent and especially under these (apparent) circumstances.

I hope she gets a lot of support from her family, Friends and fans and that she doesn't get intruded on by the media.

I've been listening a lot to "Final distance" and "Sakura Nagashi" and I hope that in the future when she is healing she puts her energy into music and creates a song equally beautiful to remember her mother by.

P.S That pic of her mother looks SO like Utada, and her mother was a great singer too.
Vynse Stakado said…