Perfume perform underneath a wind turbine. Send wigs blowing all the way to some miscellaneous prefecture.

Perfume perform underneath a wind turbine. Send wigs blowing all the way to some miscellaneous prefecture. | Random J Pop

Perfume rocked down a storm in some Japanese field and had legions of fans banging heads like muthafuckas.

The girls opened their set with "Magic of love", which is as good as dead now and a complete flop. But I admire the girls trying to make that shit work. In their defence the song always comes off better when they perform it live because they don't fuck around with the routine. But I would take "Handy man" over it any day. I would love to see what routine the girls would drop to that.

Hit the video after the jump to watch the girls perform "Magic of flop", their crubtastic pussy pleasing anthem "Fake it" and their Jungle fever jam "Chocolate disco".

No fancy stage, no projection trickery. These bitches barely but had lights on the stage. Yet they still did the damn thing and didn't miss a beat. I was silently pissed that Kashiyuka didn't throw the pussy out with a kick during "Magic of love" how she does in the video. I stay hopeful that eventually we will get a Perfume routine where they whip hair. Kashiyuka is missing opportunities with all that damn hair. But the fans in the crowd gave it to me...

So I'll accept their offering until Perfume choreographer Mikiko seeks inspiration from a Beyoncé routine and has A-chan, Nocchi and Kashiyuka whip so hard that they file a whiplash claim against her.

Shout outs to the random white dude sandwiched between the 2 chronic head-bangers.


  1. No matter how many times I watch these chicks lipsync, I just cannot find the strength without me to be mad. That routine and that music always makes it whatever XD

  2. Damn, it would be awesome to get a more beyonce-like dance for once, perhaps something like their "Take me take me" routine. This cutesy stuff can only last for so long.

  3. Their use of hands is just excellent. Details make them so "on point."

    Nakata spotted 3 dancers to bring his techno to the world, that's for sure.

    Magic of Love, ummm sugary, but nice... in small doses anyway...

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