Music video: Robin Thicke featuring 2 Chainz & Kendrick Lamar - Give it 2 U

Robin Thicke may have another hit on his hands here. "Blurred lines" provided him with the template for a hit, so he's back on it again here with a sing-a-long track about how much dick he can give a girl, along with a video featuring him surrounded by girls showing arms, legs, booty, a Beats Pill and also that lovely red font flashing up on the screen every 8 seconds.

I like the filthy electro bounce on the verses of this song, but that the switch on the chorus throws the song too far off for me. Trust Dr. Luke to create a good groove and then fuck it up. 2 Chainz can't rap and Kendrick Lamar (bless his soul) couldn't even salvage this song, delivering a verse which is not of a level we're used to hearing from him. But I'll throw the guy a lifeline in saying that he didn't have much to work with here. You and I know that ain't no excuse. But we like Kendrick, so we'll let him off.

Robin Thicke's vocal swag tho'. It makes me want to grab a glass of cold water.


David said…
Robin Thicke is too cocky for looking like someones 50 year old father.

I didn't know 2 Chainz was still alive.

Song isn't bad though, but that chorus gets boring as shit after its first run.