The original sugababes (aka Mutya Keisha Siobhan) perform their first live set together. Throw Heidi, Amelle and Jade's careers into the Thames.

The Sugababes (aka Mutya Keisha Siobhan) performed their very first official gig at Scala in London this week. Treating the crowd to a slew of new material, along with some of the classics. Not only did the girls perform singles from their debut album One touch (the first and last Sugababes album recorded with Siobhan as part of the group) but they also dipped into Angels with dirty faces. So if you ever wondered how "Freak like me" and "Stronger" would have sounded with original Sugababes line-up, wonder no more.


Freak like me from Angels with dirty faces

Run for cover from One touch

I'm alright

No regrets


Stronger from Angels with dirty faces

Flatline / Push the button from Taller in more ways

After that "Stronger" performance, Heidi must have wanted to jump off of a bridge. Siobhan had said in interviews that "Stronger" is one of her favourite Sugababes songs and that she was not precious of that despite it being a song recorded after she had departed the group. So for her to be able to sing it with Keisha and Mutya for the first time live must have meant a lot to her. When she began to sing her verse, you could barely hear her because the crowd were going so mad. And the way she finished off that note and the end? Bye Heidi.

None of new songs really blew me away. It was great to finally hear "Boys" after being teased with a 15 second snippet and then an impromptu acapella of it from the girls during an interview. The song which stuck out for me however was "Today". It was the one song which screamed 'Classic Sugababes'. I need "Today" in my life. The rest of the songs I'll reserve judgement on until I hear the studio recorded album versions as they could end up sounding completely different. Then there's always the possibility some of these songs may not make the new album at all.

There isn't much more proof we need to know that Sugababes' fans are stoked for the re-formation of Mutya, Keisha and Siobhan. Jade, Amelle and Heidi can consider their singing careers well and truly killed. They're over. Jade had better use her flexibility to turn tricks on poles for cash and Amelle may wanna get back with her thug boyfriend to shot call so she can maintain some form of expensive lifestyle. Heidi needs to reach out to her ex Dave Berry. Those Sugababes royalty cheques will soon be drying up.

It was great seeing the girls perform together again and to hear their voices together. Some of the harmonies during this set sounded amazing and each of them held their own vocally. You could see the girls were excited to be back on stage together again and that they are truly ready to make every UK girl group look completely irrelevant from here on out. 


Nait Phoenix said…
I can't believe nobody commented yet on this historic moment. The REAL SUGABABES are back! And in rare form! Gotta love a girl group that brings back the meaning of togetherness and harmony! :D
Mel R said…
Tbh I'm just now getting into the sugababes even though I've known about them for years now. I even remember when they tried briefly to break into the U.S. One of their songs would constantly play on MTV, and I can't remember for the life of me what the name of it was. I remember they were wearing black leather outfits in the video, and I think it was the Mutya, Keisha, and Heidi line up. If anyone could direct me to the video, it would be much appreciated. Anyway, When news surfaced that the original sugababes would be reforming, I began to anticipate their return because of all of the hype they were receiving from bloggers and fans. I have to say that I've been sold with everything they've put out thus far. I actually play their remix of Swimming Pools, more than the original and I'm a huge Kendrick fan; Mutya's vocals on the verses>>>. Also it's a good thing that the current "Sugababes" are calling it quits because MKS shit on them in every way.
Nait Phoenix said…
"Hole in the Head", baby!
Random J said…
Or possibly "Round, round"... »
Nait Phoenix said…
Yeah, that's more likely. I just remember "Hole in the Head" being the only song I've ever seen in the US from the Sugababes.
Mel R said…
Nope it wasn't "Round, round", It was definitely "Hole In The Head", and seeing some of their live performance on U.S television reminded me of why I wasn't interested in them. They were so awkward, and were not comfortable performing at all. They have definitely come a long way.
Mel R said…
Thank you!!! This is the song!!